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Welcome to NoScam Protocole,

the first cryptocurrency listing and exchange platform focused on transparency, security and the fight against scams. We are committed to creating an environment where investors can confidently explore and invest in legitimate crypto projects.



NoScam Protocol offers an innovative mechanism to guarantee the security of projects listed on its platform. When you decide to deposit an amount x of your token on our platform, you are invited to contribute the equivalent of this amount x in NoScam Protocol tokens. For example, if you choose to deposit the equivalent of 1000 USD of your token, you will pay 1000 USD in NoScam Protocol tokens. These funds will then be added to the platform's collateral wallet, strengthening our ability to resolve scam risk issues and protect investors. This mechanism ensures that every project listed on NoScam Protocol has strong collateral, thereby reducing risk for investors and promoting trust in our platform.

Main features:


Liquidity lock smart contracts.


Thorough verification process for projects before listing.


Guarantee fund to protect users against losses.


Risk insurance offered by our insurance partners.


Community voting system for platform governance.


Regular audits carried out by independent third parties.


Community Involvement Rewards Program.


mandatory burning of 50% of transaction fees listed on the platform

Why choose NoScam Protocol?

By choosing NoScam Protocole,

you benefit from a secure and transparent platform where your investments are protected against scams and fraudulent activities. Our commitment to security and quality allows you to explore new projects and participate in the growth of the crypto ecosystem with complete confidence.

  1. Introduction of a Guarantee System for Projects Listed on the NoScam Protocol Platform

  1. NoScam Protocol is committed to ensuring transparency, security and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting investors and promoting legitimate projects, we are introducing an innovative guarantee system for tokens listed on our platform.

  2. **How the Guarantee System Works:**

    When a developer wishes to list their project on the NoScam Protocol platform, they will now have to pay a non-refundable amount in NoScam Tokens. This amount will be added to the guarantee fund of the listed project, thus strengthening its security and credibility. This non-refundable amount will serve as a guarantee for investors, demonstrating the developer's commitment to the legitimacy and viability of their project.

    In addition, anyone wishing to deposit a token listed on the platform will also have to pay guarantee fees. These fees will help strengthen the overall guarantee fund of the NoScam Protocol platform, ensuring additional protection for all investors and users of the platform

  3. **The Advantages of the Guarantee System:**

  4. 1. **Investor Protection:**

  5. The guarantee system provides increased protection to investors by ensuring that listed projects have a financial commitment to their own legitimacy and viability.

  6. 2. **Promotion of Trust:**

  7. By strengthening the security and credibility of the listed projects, the guarantee system helps promote investor confidence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  8. 3. **Reduction of Risks:**

  9. By increasing the overall guarantee fund of the platform, the guarantee system helps reduce the risks of scams and fraud, creating a safer and more transparent environment for all users .

    By integrating this innovative guarantee system, NoScam Protocol asserts itself as a leading platform in the fight against scams and the promotion of legitimate and reliable cryptocurrency projects. Join us in our mission for a safer and more transparent crypto ecosystem with NoScam Protocol.

Execution of the Guarantee on the NoScam Protocol Platform

At NoScam Protocol, security and investor protection are our top priority. This is why we have put in place a robust guarantee mechanism to deal with possible cases of fraud or scam from crypto projects listed on our platform. Here's how our warranty enforcement process works:

1. Scam Identification: If a project listed on the NoScam Protocol platform is identified as a scam or fraud, our monitoring and security team will immediately conduct a thorough investigation to confirm the veracity of the allegations.

2. Suspension of Transactions: While the investigation is ongoing, all transactions related to the suspicious project will be temporarily suspended on the platform. This will prevent any further movement of funds and limit potential damage to investors.

3. Protection of Users: Users of the NoScam Protocol platform who hold tokens of the project concerned will be able to continue to exchange their tokens, but only on the platform. This will allow them to recover part of their invested funds, even in the event of a project scam.

4. Use of the Guarantee Wallet: The balance of the scam project tokens will be used to cover investors' losses. This guarantee wallet will help compensate affected users and minimize the financial consequences of the scam on our platform.

5. Transparent Communication: During the entire process, NoScam Protocol will maintain transparent communication with its user community. We will provide regular updates on the situation, the progress of the investigation and the steps taken to resolve the issue.

By implementing this collateral execution process, NoScam Protocol demonstrates its commitment to protecting investors and promoting a safer and more transparent crypto ecosystem. We are committed to fighting scams and providing a reliable platform for cryptocurrency investments. Join us on this mission for safer cryptocurrency with NoScam Protocol.

Facilitate the protection of investors with Noscam Protocol

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the threat of Scam projects is unfortunately a persistent reality. Faced with this problem, many cryptocurrency exchange platforms require users that they withdraw their tokens when a project is identified as SCAM, often leaving investors with little appeal to recover their funds.

However, with Noscam Protocol, we believe that it is essential to provide solutions that protect investors while offering them options to recover their funds in the event of a Scam project. This is why we have implemented an innovative method for our users.


** Maintain accessibility to funds: **

When a project is identified as SCAM on the Noscam Protocol platform, we understand that our users can be concerned with the safety of their funds. Rather than demanding the immediate withdrawal of the tokens, Noscam Protocol allows its users to continue to exchange their tokens directly on the platform.


** Fund facilitated recovery: **

Thanks to our unique method, users can exchange their Scam tokens directly on the Noscam Protocol platform while having the possibility of recovering their funds transparent and secure. The balance of Wallet of the Wallet of Guarantor, supplied by the non -refundable amounts of the listed projects and the guarantee costs of the users, helps to cover the risk of loss in the event of SCAM.


** Confidence and peace of mind: **

By offering users the possibility of continuing to exchange their chips on the platform and recover their funds, Noscam Protocol aims to promote confidence and peace of mind in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are determined to provide innovative solutions that protect investors and promote a safer and more transparent community.

With Noscam Protocol, you can invest with confidence, knowing that we are here to protect you and support you if necessary. Join us in our mission for a safer and more transparent crypto ecosystem today.

Responsible management of NSC tokens

NoScam Coin (NSC) is designed with a total supply of 210,000,000 tokens. To guarantee its rarity and long-term value, we have implemented the following measures:

Burning tokens in circulation to gradually reduce the total supply.
Initial lock of 25% of total tokens (50,000,000 tokens) for a period of 5 years, with a gradual release of 5% every year.